Upload view allows upload of pictures and videos. The following image shows upload view



On the left, there is batch and photos sidebar. On the right, metadata editor for current selection of photos/directories


A batch represents an upload unit. You can create/remove batches to create a logical container of your uploads so that all files/directories in the same batch are uploaded sequentially. Default batch cannot be removed. A batch starts when ALL the following constraints are satisfied:

  • Batch is started clicking “Play” button on the bottom right of the window
  • Startup time of batch is arrived
  • There are no other running batches at the same time

It’s not possible to run multiple batches at the same time because Flickr orders photos based on their upload times. Having multiple batches running at the same time would mess-up the photo stream.

When there are multiple batches waiting for another one to finish, you can stop the running one to allow another to start.

A running Batch prevents OS X from sleeping: in this way, the upload will not stop if it’s taking more time than your sleep time settings. However, it’s important to note that Batch scheduled to run in the future will not prevent your MAC from sleeping. For example, if you schedule a batch to run during the night, you have to be certain that your mac will be awake at the time.


At at any time a batch can stopped/played. When the play button is pressed, F-Stop builds a queue of photos to upload for the batch. This queue will contain failed or pending photos.

This means that, if some photos fail to upload (for example due to network issues), there is no need to create another batch adding again failed photos but it’s sufficient to press the play button again: this forces F-Stop to rebuild the queue of photos and retry the upload. Furthermore, in case of directories, the new queue will contain also new files added to the directory.

Imagine a scenario where you start a batch containing a directory but, after some minutes, you figure out that some photos are missing inside the directory. In this case all you need to do is to stop the batch, add missing photos to the directory and restart the batch. F-Stop will take care of the rest.

N.B. Failure in applying metadata settings to photos doesn’t mark them as a failed upload.

N.B. F-Stop will not traverse nested directories to find photos. Each directory to upload has to be explicitly added to a batch. (functionality introduced in version 5.1.2)

Setting Name

You can change name of photos overriding the default value (Filename). In case of directory uploads you can force F-Stop to use original Filename instead of the one of containing directory.

Simply type {FileName} placeholder in name field respecting case.

Files inside directories are uploaded, by default, in alphabetical order. Within F-Stop preferences this setting can be changed to its reverse .


F-Stop support Applescript for uploads. Using Applescript you can build complex upload workflows. You can also embed your scripts in Automator action and scripts.

F-Stop comes with some example scripts. You can find them under F-Stop.app/Contents/Resources/AppleScript/Examples