Main view

Main View

The picture below depicts main interface of F-Stop.


On top of the window there is a toolbar. This toolbar allows a quick navigation among all F-Stop modules.

Left and Right buttons are used to move back and forth into history of viewed elements
Button with a man icon has 2 functions:

  • A quick pressure jumps to user photostream.
  • A long pressure displays a popover containing all opened elements (photos/sets/gallery/users). You can select or close them. To close the selected element, you can also use CMD W. If you are displaying your own photo stream this combination will close current window.

Search buttons are used to switch among search modules:

  • Users/Groups search module
  • Photo search module

Title bar displays selected module, location info for selected module and flickr account.
Click over the Title bar to show errors window. Errors window logs errors captured by F-Stop during its own operations.
A small alert icon will appear when there are errors to acknowledge

Utility buttons are used to switch among the following F-Stop function modules:

  • Upload
  • Photos Downloader
  • Backup

Browser View

Browser view displays Flickr Elements. Flickr elements are photos, sets, galleries, groups and users. Content displayed in the browser view is relative to selection made in the navigation sidebar. Multiple items are selectable at the same time in navigation sidebar. In this case browser view will split to accommodate all selected items as shown in the following picture.


Once split, you can drag&drop elements to reorder them or perform other actions. For example you can display your favorites photos and explore and then drag photos from explore to your favorite.

Using drag&drop you can also rearrange elements. Rearrangeable elements are:

  • Photosets
  • Photos within photosets
  • Photos within galleries

In this case, status bar expands to show a rearrange tab:


From this tab you can rearrange by name or number of views.

Quick Editor

F-Stop gives you the ability to perform quick changes to some Flickr elements. To do that simply keep your mouse pressed over one of the following element (version 4.x or earlier) or ALT+Left click (version 5.x or later):

  • Photos
  • Sets
  • Galleries


If you own the object you can change name/description. Otherwise you can add comments (please note that galleries doesn’t support comments. Please check that “Enable Quick Comments” options is selected in F-Stop preferences).

F-Stop supports decoding of HTML comments but, as it’s a very intensive compute/network task, you can disable it.

Continuous Scrolling

Continuous Scrolling is a functionality that allows to move among pages simply scrolling up/down in the Browser View. Continuous Scrolling is disabled automatically when there is a multiple selection in navigation sidebar (or when page scrolling is meaningless such as when displaying all photosets). In this case you can move among pages using left/right arrows in status bar

Status Bar

Status bar is used to control the following functions:

  • Quick access to predefined functionality such as Slide Show, Fave add/removal, Sharing, etc.
  • Navigate through pages when Continuos Scrolling is disabled or when you want to jump quickly to a page
  • Activate filters
  • Display current activity
  • Rearrange elements
  • Zoom in/out

Filter allows you to filter photos among viewed, not viewed, all photos. A photo is considered viewed if it’s opened using double click. Viewed photos are not saved between F-Stop launches.


Open Elements

Double click an element to open it and display its details. For example you can open a user to display its photo stream or a video to play it. By default, an element will open within F-Stop main window. You can change this setting in F-Stop preferences flagging option “Use Multi Window Style”. When this option is selected, F-Stop will open a new window for each element. At any time, you can override this setting keeping CMD pressed when double clicking an item.

Quick look

To give a quick look to an element press CMD Return or use QuickLook function in view menu

Element links

F-Stop can display original links for one or more elements. To do that press CMD L or Photo Link function in Flickr Menu. The following image shows links for some elements:



F-Stop has full video support. You can identify videos very easily because their thumbnail have a small camera icon superimposed (version 4.x or earlier) or a small play button (version 5.x or later). To display them, use Quicklook or open it (version 4.x) and press the play button (version 5.x or later)