Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some photos failed to upload. Is there a way to retry upload without having to manually rearrange the batch?

A: Yes. Stop the batch and restart it. It will retry upload of failed photos and of new photos added to batch/directory. You can even change photo stream order for failed photos changing their upload date within PhotoView of F-Stop (metadata section)

Q: I want a customized workflow to upload photos using my own custom logic. Can I do this with F-Stop?

A: F-Stop supports AppleScript for uploads. Using AppleScript you can build custom workflow and create automator action. There are some examples of AppleScript script inside package under Contents/Resource/AppleScript/Examples

Q: Thumbnail in upload view are very small and I can barely distinguish them. Can you enlarge this box?

A: You can use quicklook in upload view. Just press CMD+Enter to view an enlarged version of your photos/videos

Q: During directory uploads, I want to use original file name instead of assigning a static name to my photos. How can I do this?

A: In Name field, write down “{FileName}” without quotes and respecting case

Q: During directory uploads, I want to upload files in reverse alphabetical order. How can I do this?

A: Open F-Stop preferences, select upload tab and select option “Upload Directories in reverse alphabetical order”

Q: I want to use space as tag separator instead of comma. Is there a way to do this?

A: Open F-Stop preferences, select upload tab and select option “Use space as tag separator”

Q: Statistics view doesn’t show any statistic.

A: Statistics are not available for free Flickr account. If you already own a pro account, activate statistics tracing from Flickr Website.

Q: How can I search among my photos?

A: Open the search photo module, create a new search clicking small + button in the bottom left of the window. Then select this search, add search criteria. Click find button on the right of user text field (within search criteria). Search your flickr screen name and double click on it. Then press search button in the bottom right of the window.