F-Stop has some really nice features. You can find a comprehensive list here:


  • Display Flickr elements within single window or separate windows
  • Support continuous scrolling like Flickr website
  • Navigate multiple accounts at the same time
  • Viewed/All/Not viewed photo filter
  • Multi selection display (display in the same view multiple users, groups, sets, etc.)
  • Browse Groups, Photosets, Flickr Explore, Collections, Galleries, Favorites, Contacts, Recents photos


  • Multiple upload batches
  • Directory upload preserving file name
  • Incremental uploads
  • Automatic photo resizing
  • Scriptable using Apple Script
  • Set metadata like name, description, tags, groups, photosets, safety level, content type, privacy settings, size

Photo download

  • Download batches of photos
  • Supports download of multiple sizes such small, medium, large, original, largest available


  • Full/Incremental backup of user photo stream
  • Partial backup of photo stream (photo stream, favourites, galleries, photosets)


  • Graphical view of statistics for the last 30 days
  • Aggregate statistics for all Flickr elements (Photos, photo stream, sets, collections)
  • All time, Today, Yesterday statistics for photos


  • Display activity of your photostream


  • Saveable search of photos
  • Powerful search criteria: text, tags, relevance, license, owner, geo info, min/max date
  • User search using screen name, email
  • Groups search by name


  • Change metadata for one or multiple photos at the same time (name, description, tags, license, privacy settings, comments permissions, note/tags permissions, safety level, upload date)
  • Quick editor to change name/description of photos and/or comments addition
  • Exif information
  • Histogram
  • Integration with Apple Maps
  • Support for note addition/display

Account Management

  • Quick display of original Flickr.com pages
  • Multiple accounts at the same time
  • Error logging with autosave of logfiles
  • Photo deletion

Photoset Management

  • Photoset creation/deletion
  • Photos addition/removal using drag&drop
  • Photoset sorting by name, number of views
  • Comments addition/removal
  • Photos not in sets

Group Management

  • Photos addition/removal
  • Discussions creation/removal

Gallery Management

  • Gallery creation
  • Photos addition/removal using drag&drop
  • Gallery sorting by name, number of views


  • Local Collections of images
  • Multiple collections
  • Canvas view with zoom support to organize photo


  • Full Video support (playback, upload)
  • Display original http links for multiple Flickr elements at the same time (users, groups, photosets, etc.)
  • High res (using large size of Flickr.com) slideshows
  • Quicklook support to enlarge photos and playback videos
  • Fullscreen support
  • Error logging with autosave
  • Activity window to monitor long batch operations
  • Open Flickr.com links. (see this post for more information)
  • “Camera Roll like” functionality (see this post for more information)