Photo View

F-Stop can display details about photo or a group of photos. This screenshot shows Photo ViewPhotos View


On the left there is information sidebar. On the right, a collapsable metadata tab that can be open/closed using buttonMetadataTab

On the bottom there is a status bar with buttons used to access quickly to the following functions:

  • Add/Remove from Favorites
  • SlideShow
  • Browse photo’s owner photostream
  • Open photo in Flickr
  • Share photo
  • Add Note to photo
  • Add to Photo Downloader

On the top there is another status bar with button used to perform the following actions:

  • Displayphoto navigator
  • Move back and forth between photos inside the navigator


Photo Navigator displays all photos within the Photo View. Photo View contains all photos coming from the originating parent view. For example, if you are browsing Flickr Explore and F-Stop is currently displaying 60 photos, when you double click one of these, F-Stop will open a Photo View containing all 60 photos.

Photo Navigator allows quick jump between photos and also multiple selection used to change metadata for a group of photos.

Changing Metadata
Metadata tab displays all information about of photo including:

  • Name, Description, Tags, Exif, Privacy Settings, Upload Date
  • Histogram
  • Comments (with the ability to add/remove them)
  • Geographical Info using Google or Apple map services

F-Stop allows changing metadata for photo or a group of photos. To change metadata for a group of photos, simply select them using Photo Navigator.

During metadata change, F-Stop will display a progress window. In case of errors, an error will be added to Errors window.

N.B. You can change metadata only for you own files.

Adding/Removing Comments

Using comment button in the top center of Metadata tab, you can access to comments for a photo. You can add/remove your own comments and, if you owns the photo, remove other user’s comments too.

Geo Info

F-Stop is able to retrieve geo information about a photo and displays it in a Map. F-Stop supports Google Maps or Apple Maps: this is a setting in F-Stop preferences.

N.B. F-Stop doesn’t use EXIF embedded data to determine position. Instead it uses Flickr GeoData. In this way, if you geotag a photo directly from Flickr web site, F-Stop is able to displays it on a map.

Adding Notes

F-Stop can display and add notes to photo. To display a note, expand note field in the left navigation bar and select one or more notes.
To add a new note, drag a rectangle over photo and then click add note button in the status bar.

N.B. You can add notes if photo’s author has granted “add note permission” to the photo