F-Stop end of sale

During last week, after Flickr acquisition by SmugMug, I have decided to reconsider my investment in Flickr: I don’t trust these acquisitions having been part, 2 years ago, of the big acquisition of my current employer. The lesson learned during these 2 years is that has no meaning to have concurrent and overlapping lines of products. So my guess is that Flickr and SmugMug are going to merge in the long term despite all the denials in the FAQ.

How they’ll do this is unknown but everyone can make speculations. Based on mine, I don’t want to be a part of this game so F-Stop, effective immediately, is not on sale anymore. This is a really sad decision and really hard to take: I have spent tons of hours coding in my spare time during the last 9 years. Time subtracted to my family and my friends with the simple goal to make Flickr a better place for Mac users. I did this despite the small amount of money received back.

How this decision is going to impact you:

  • If you are an happy F-Stop customer, nothing is going to change in the short term: F-stop will continue to work as usual. In the long term, F-Stop will be no more updated to add support for new functionalities, operating systems and bug fixes.
  • If you have bought F-Stop just a few days ago and you are upset for this decision you can ask for a refund. There are several tutorials on the internet on how to proceed. Google for “app store refund” and pick your preferred link.