About F-Stop


With F-Stop you can easily navigate your photos, flickr interesting, your groups and a lot more.

Furthermore, from the same pane, you can select as many items as you want and have a stunning global vision of your Flickr World

Browse all your stuff

With F-Stop you can see photo details, such as comments, notes, and much more.

Have fun inserting your own HTML comments!

View Photo details

Take a look at your Flickr Account:

Using F-Stop you can monitor activity on your photo account

Monitor your Flickr Activity

Using F-Stop you can also upload your photos

Upload your photos

F-Stop provides the ability to search photos using Flickr Search Engine and save them too

Make and Save your own searches

Search for your favorite users and groups

F-Stop provides the ability to search for groups and contacts and browse them as your own photostream

F-Stop provides the ability to display your accounts statistics, including number of view, comments and favorites

Display account statistics

Quick Tooltip View

Hold you button on a photo and you’ll see a popup window with the photo description and view numbers

Google Maps Integration

If a photo has GPS Exif Informations a map drawer will pop-up showing the location of the shot