F-Stop is your new Flickr companion

F-Stop is a Flickr client that allows users to browse Flickr in a simple, clean and intuitive way

It's available on Mac App store for just 1.99$. After Flickr acquisition by SmuMug, F-Stop is no longer on sale

Requires Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) and a Flickr account

Multi Account

F-Stop supports multiple Flickr accounts at the same time. You can browse all your accounts easily without logging in/out.

Powerful upload

F-Stop has powerful uploading options: multiple schedulable uploads, directory uploads using original file names or defined names. With support for tagging and upload resizing, F-Stop can adapt to all your needs. If you are a more experienced user, you can even use Applescript to build your own customized workflow

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Metadata Support

F-Stop has a powerful image metadata editor. You can view/change a lot of settings about your images such as tags, upload date, privacy permissions, exif.